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"full note" view, as full notes one after another, for fast review



Add an option to view full notes, one after another, like an endless stream of notes.

  • save me from having to open multiple notes just to review them
  • drawn one after another on the screen, with some visual separation
  • I can see a bunch of short notes all at once
  • I can scroll through a series of notes like browsing a long document, for easy review
  • still be able to make this note view full screen so I can see more of the notes at once, more like flipping through my notebook now.
  • the existing list of notes would still provide a convenient way to jump around a large list of notes (say to get to a specific point in time in my notes)

Hopefully this is not a duplicate. 

Related / Complimentary Feature Requests (that I don't believe replace this)


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4 minutes ago, DTLow said:

How about using note links

But this just allows me to link to a note, right!?  That just adds a hyperlink that I can jump to the other note, where I'm looking to view full notes.


I was thinking something more like this





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