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Not syncing correctly to iPhone 5s

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I noticed recently that some of my notebooks on my iPad Pro and iMac (which match just fine) are not syncing over to my iPhone correctly.  For instance I had about 68 notes in a notebook called Madrid and they are all there in the iPad Pro and the iMac. However, on the iPhone, it is showing 0 notes in that notebook.  I uninstalled Evernote, reinstalled , rebooted the phone. Same issue.  Today I put a new note into my iMac in that folder and then checked the phone - the note was there, but none of the other 68 notes. 

When I check the number of notes on my iMac it says I have 13,547 notes. on my iPhone, it says 10,471 notes, so I'm missing a considerable number of notes.  I'm running 11.1.1 on my iPhone, High Sierra on my iMac and 11.1.1 on my iPad Pro.

Any thoughts on what to do?





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48 minutes ago, ATHiker95 said:

on my iMac it says I have 13,547 notes. on my iPhone, it says 10,471 notes

The syncing process is      Mac <> Server <> iPhone

I recommend checking the note count on the server using the web platform (www.evernote.com)
This will help identify if the problem is with the Mac Sync or the Phone Sync

Any local notebooks on the Mac?

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I was checking the count using the web platform. (www.evernote.com)  It pretty closely matches the iMac Evernote app and the iPad Pro.  Maybe a couple of notes off here or there, but nothing like missing 70 in a notebook or in another case 621 as is the case on the iphone.

I have a few local folders that are all "Conflicting changes" (about 6 of those). I could delete those.  And I have a genealogy folder with one note in it that is local.





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