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Copy From Evernote / Paste Elsewhere Issue



I am wondering if anyone else has reported this. When I copy text from a note and paste to an application other than evernote, it adds an extra return character (sometimes a space, most other times a return character). This happens in programs like notepad, notepad++, this forum text box, and problematically in the Windows Registry editor (which is where it really came to light).

Note, I have tried the following scenarios and all produce the extra character:

  • Copy full line
  • Copy partial line from beginning
  • Copy partial line to end of line
  • Copy middle of line

This happens with text inside of a table and outside of the table. 

Is anyone else seeing this issue? If not, I would like to report it as a big to be fixed as it can be deeply problematic (as hinted at above). My example of the registry had to do with the fact that the registry was not displaying that character and therefore was not noticeable except for the fact that what I had changed was not working properly. It was only after troubleshooting that I came to find out it was that extra character copied/pasted from evernote. I understand that this Windows registry issue is not really evernote's "problem", yet I do believe that the copy/paste function should not "bring along" other characters. 

Please let me know if any of this needs clarification or additional detail. 

Thank you!



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