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  1. Finally seeing this in the web now! Great job Evernote team!!!
  2. Finally seeing this in the web now! Great job Evernote team!!!
  3. Experiencing the same issues here as well. Thanks for efforts to resolve!
  4. If I may add to your wish list and bump a previously requested feature, the side list view: Thank you!
  5. I can confirm that I get this behavior as well. I can get around it by individually selecting an image, copy/paste. But when I select text and an image, copy/paste, the text pastes ok, but I get the infinite loading circle.
  6. I am definitely looking forward to having this feature in the web 🙂 ✌️ 👍
  7. fierylevi

    Date format

    Firstly, I do agree that the date and time should be configurable to one's preference as opposed to being automatically determined based on browser configuration. Secondly, I would argue for the combined date/time in the shortcut is preferable to separating them. Thank you!
  8. I can confirm I am experiencing the same issue in Evernote Web 6.18.0. I tested using Google Chrome Version 85.0.4183.83 as well as Version 85.0.4183.102.
  9. Excellent video and update! Truly appreciate everything you folks at Evernote are doing (massive client overhaul) and for what you stand for! Thank you!
  10. Updated today and so far so good. Thank you Evernote Team for all your efforts! 😃 👍
  11. This is a large reason why I avoid using the web client. My structure and daily workflow revolves around my tag hierarchy. Bringing the tag hierarchy into the new web client would be where I would cast my vote for priorities if anyone at Evernote is reading this.
  12. Going to purposely bump this and add my vote
  13. Just a suggestion, but there are various user agent string "switcher" add-ons that allows you to spoof your string to a site. A note of caution to use at your own risk. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher-revived/
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