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BUG: Emojis & checklists on Mac (6.12.3)




I'm a software developer and use Evernote to track my daily tasks. So far it has been really good, but there is one issue that affects me every time I add a new task - multiple times per day. I couldn't find a better way to report it, so I'm placing by feedback here.

I use checklists (bullet lists with checkboxes) to organize my daily tasks in compact and flexible way. To make different tasks more distinct and labeled visually I assign emojis to all of the tasks, e.g. ? for bugs, ?  for events, ⏳ for things in progress etc. (screenshot attached). Each time I try to insert emoji after a checkbox using Ctrl ⌘ Space shortcut it gets inserted before the checkbox.

There is no easy way to drag and drop emojis, so it is not trivial to fix their placement. As a workaround I have to insert a space character after the checkbox, insert a new emoji and then remove the space character. This sequence becomes annoying, especially for an the main thing that I use Evernote for. I was wondering if you could fix that?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Insert a checkbox into any place in the note
  2. Use Ctrl ⌘ Space shortcut to insert any emoji

Expected behaviour:

  • Emoji is inserted after the checkbox

Actual behaviour:

  • Emoji is inserted before the checkbox

See the screenshots of the reproducing sequence attached.

Thank you

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 8.56.45 AM.png

Emoji Bug.png

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Seems to work okay on Windows if I drag the emoji into place or copy/paste.  Have you tried those methods on the Mac?  Not saying it shouldn't work as you would like, just a potential workaround in the meantime.

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