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Hmmn.  OK From our PMs I get that you posted a picture of a 'quick start' clipper here - was that something you were suggesting would be a good idea,  or an existing feature that you're having some issues with?

- Once you've installed Clipper I think there's a web page that offers some tips about how to use it - that's the only 'quick start' feature I'm familiar with.

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Hi, Yes it is an issue, I have a tab which appears in my browser (Quick Start Web Clipper)I wish to kill the tab as it is a nuisance! have used Evernote web clipper for years but never had this problem before hence my reference to "Nag Page".I have even deleted the web clipper but it still will not remove the offending tab.

Again I'am sorry and grateful for your input I do hope a solution is possible?.

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