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A note is missing. How can I find it?

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Hello, I spent about three hours this morning preparing solutions to a homework using Evernote on my chromebook.  When I finished the note, I tried to share it with another person. A message popped up saying that the person may not have access to the note. After that,  when I tried opening the file, Evernote threw a message saying the file was unavailable for opening. I tried opening the file several times and each time,  the same message (that the file was not available) popped up.  Then, I tried syncing the files. Post-sync, the file disappeared altogether from the list of notes. Interestingly, the sync icon has been spinning for the last 3-4 hours. I checked evernote web interface for this file but couldn't locate it there either. 

Is there a way I can recover this file? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi.  Best way to see if the note is still around is to search for keywords from the title or content.  If not,  it may be in your conflicting changes or Trash notebooks.  Check also by signing in online via Evernote.com

Not sure I understand

On 07/10/2017 at 7:06 PM, hpc said:

when I tried opening the file, Evernote threw a message saying the file was unavailable for opening

..do you mean the note has completely disappeared,  or are you trying to open an attachment?

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Thank you for responding.

The note completely disappeared. It was there right after I created it.  But  when I tried opening it (after creating it), I kept getting an error message saying that the note was unavailable for opening.  Eventually, the file just disappeared mysteriously. 

 Based on other posts on this disucssion forums, I had already searched with keywords and also looked in Trash and conflicting changes. I couldn't find the file anywhere. I know that I didn't manually delete the file. So, it is very puzzling to me.

In any case,  I recreated the note and this time, everything is fine. 


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No problem - glad you sorted it out.  If a note completely disappears,  this won't help you - but if it's just missing some updated content Note History might.  Also it's useful to keep local backups of your work just in case unexpected thing like this happen.

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