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Drag and Drop on iOS 11



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42 minutes ago, tombe said:

Using iOS 11 drag and drop functionality is just an obvious use case for Evernote. Unbelievable that Siri support was implemented but drag and drop is missing ...

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Voting buttons are in the top left corner for users to indicate support for this request.  I added my vote

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I fully agree. Very disappointing that Evernote is not fully supporting iOS 11. Apple notes is far more advanced now, I fear. And I am saying this after 9 nine years of using Evernote with more than 10000 notes. I am really -very- disappointed at this point. 

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Agree.  Was very surprised iOS 11 D&D didnt work with Evernote.  I use my iPad for 95% of my work and personal reading and note-taking.  Having to save images and then move them to Evernote separately is not very efficient.

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