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(Archived) Encryption occasionally fails


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So I've got the EN app on my Windows XP machine (works great) and on my Google Nexus running 2.2 (not rooted). I have many notes, some big, some small, and I encrypt within many of them, and it works fine (usually) to decrypt on both platforms. One of my notes is kind of long (14K characters) and for various good reasons, I've encrypted all of the note except a header line. When I created the note (copied from a separate file) and encrypted it initially, it decrypted fine on both platforms. Now, a few weeks later, it decrypts fine on the PC, but not on the Nexus. When I try to decrypt, after typing in the passphrase, it just hangs. When I hit the "go back" button I get the dialog that EN is not responding and I can WAIT or FORCE CLOSE. Waiting just prolongs the agony, and when I force close, I'm back in the EN app.

Is there some limit on how much can be encrypted? I can break the information into multiple notes if there is. Is it a bug? Any ideas would be welcome.


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Thanks for the report, I've passed this along to QA for investigation. My guess is that the size of the encrypted content may be related, but it obviously shouldn't fail the way you describe.

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I am having the same problem with a fairly large text file encrypted on the Windows platform which hangs EN when I try to unencrypt on the same platform.  I don't remember having this problem, even though I had previously encrypted files virtually identical, on earlier versions of EN.

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