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  1. Until latest update, search nearly instantaneous. Now circular arrow keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning...
  2. Right click on the toolbar and you'll be able to add what you want and remove what you don't. It's easy enough but hard to see why one would have to on an update which, one would think, would save settings by default.
  3. Same experience with speed -- way slower than prior versions. Database was reindexed at installation so that's not the problem. Layout is a step backward - wasted space - but in my view only a small one compared with the speed hit. PJB
  4. When I tried to install this (Clipper 5.8 Beta) on Firefox 22; Win XP, I received this message from Firefox "Evernote Web Clipper cannot be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file."
  5. I am having the same problem with a fairly large text file encrypted on the Windows platform which hangs EN when I try to unencrypt on the same platform. I don't remember having this problem, even though I had previously encrypted files virtually identical, on earlier versions of EN.
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