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iOS sync not finalized - data lost due to desktop sync: how can I recover

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I created notes on my iPhone.
Only parts were synced...when returning back to the office, opende Evernote, the sync wasn't complete.

I tried to see what data I was missing...and poef, also the notes on my iPhone were synced where the desktop version was leading: now I am missing parts of my notes (which I created on my iPhone!!!).

How can I use version history on my iphone, I really NEED TO RETRIEVE THE DATA!

I am a premium user but I do not see an option of version history inApp.

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Hi.  I'm sorry to say that if the notes weren't fully synced,  they were probably never sent to Evernote's servers,  and could not have been synced down to the desktop version.  You need to look for a menu item - Note History - which will wind your notes back to a previous version if one is available.  If the option is greyed out then no history has been recorded.

How to access and use note history

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