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Hi, No doubt evernote is a great tool for writing and managing online notes and it has pretty many cool features. However, as a front-end developer I personally feel that the in the sign in prompt, we are asked to enter our e-mail and when we click continue it again asks our password : it looks kinda odd I mean either you can ask both of them on the same prompt(preferable) or have separate prompt for both. The pop-up type transition which occurs  when we click continue seems to be forced upon the UI for no reason.  

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There's actually a reason for this - before we ask for the password, we have to know what kind of login this will be. (I forget if it's specifically for SSO or 2FA) Once we know who's logging in, we know what kind of credentials need to be requested.


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I would really like to see a return to the one-step log-in that existed before a recent update. Having to click the Continue button and then the (real) sign-in button is just a niggling extra step that we didn't used to have to take. It's not a big deal -- it's not like it's going to make me flee screaming to some other notes manager ;) -- but it is a niggling frustration and the sign-in would be more user-friendly with only one step. 

You know, like in the good old days. (Of August...or whenever this upgrade happened.)

5-Oct-2017 Update: Okay, so I was being a whiny-boots. The new sign-in isn't so bad. Fortunately, you can simply hit Enter twice after entering email/ID and the password field opens, so it's quick. Not a big deal. I was thinking that I was going to have to grab the mouse and click the Continue button just to enter my password, but not so. Sorry for making such a fuss. :rolleyes:

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Changed my mind.
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