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NixNote authorization fails


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I installed NixNote 1.6.1 on RHEL 7.3.  It installed and launches after some tweaking with jar versions.  When I try to connect to my account, it errors out on the last step.

I start with my username, then my password, then I see the form to authorize (re-authorize) for 1 year.  When I submit that, I get the error about page not found.

"Page not found
The location you provided is not valid. (/nnoauth)"


Refreshing doesn't work.  Synchronization will not work.  Right-Clicking and going 'back' to resubmit doesn't help.


What am I missing?






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I haven't approached the support team yet.  I don't have a subscription and wanted to try here first.  This was a clean install of NixNote due to moving from RHEL 6.9 to RHEL 7.3.

I'll go ahead and pay for the subscription as they deserve that (and I love it).  However, will they help me out on 3-Party connections?


Thanks for your response!



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13 hours ago, in8ideas said:

However, will they help me out on 3-Party connections?

Hi - I have absolutely no clue,  but if they interface with Evernote and authentication stopped working they will have heard from some other users by now...

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