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(Archived) Feature Request: Annotation function




I'm using Evernote in my business all the time. The only feature I'm missing now is the possibility to annotate notes (e.g. a clipping of a website). By annotating I mean highlighting, commenting en draw in a note.

That would be a cool feature!


- Arjen

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Definitely a good concept.

One thing you should check out is Skitch. It works really well with Evernote, and allows you to draw on / annotate notes.

I use the two together all the time. I have also seen Evernote employees use it to help on these forums. (at least I think I have, I'm pretty tired right now)

It is currently in beta, but it is really stable.


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A Windows alternative to Skitch is Jetscreenshot. I've dinked with it a bit & it seems quick & easy. What I did is use Jetscreenshot to add an arrow & circle, but instead of copying the image, creating a new EN note & pasting, I just did an Evernote screen cap. But if you want to add the image to an existing EN note, just copy the Jetscreenshot image to the clip board, go to the EN note & paste. So far, for simple annotations (adding a circle or arrow) it does seem faster than double clicking the image from within EN & using your standard image editor.


(I know this is in the Mac section, but in case a Windows user happened upon this thread...)

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I find myself using emailed PDFs as a workaround to the lack of annotation capability in Evernote. I email the web pages or documents to myself, and then I can annotate them inside the PDF, save the changes, and then I've got my annotations on all my machines.

Hope this helps!

bill meade

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