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(Archived) Audio recording in Mac client?



Is there a way to record audio in the Mac client that I'm missing somewhere? It seems strange that you can do this on the iPhone version, and play the notes back in the Mac client, but not actually record on the Mac when it has a microphone.

Instead we get iSight Notes. For the life of me I cannot figure out what to use it for. Initially I thought it would record a video clip (with sound!), but it only takes stills. That's a great feature on the iPhone, but there's only so many pictures of my face I can take that are noteworthy.

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You can use any Mac desktop application to record audio in either WAV or AMR formats, and then drag that into Evernote, but there's no integrated audio recording feature in the Mac Evernote (yet).


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Quicktime X (found in Snow Leopard, not sure if they updated it for Leopard) will record audio.

Go to File>New Audio Recording.

I hope that helps!


Just realized Quicktime will only save as MOV. You can still click QuickLook in Evernote, which works well.

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