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Clipping page with radio button

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Hi.  There's another thread somewhere complaining about the difficulty of clipping pages like this which collect user input in 'forms' of some sort.  I have similar problems,  and I've assumed that it's not easily possible to show both the original page and the user input,  because although you can see it together on screen,  the coding behind the page doesn't save a copy of the actual page in a way that a Copy command can get to it:  it just records your specific answers. 

Clipping,  like copy and paste,  will just get you the form without any of the answers.  The trick is to screen shot the form if it's small enough,  or maybe to print to PDF if you have that option.  Check the page for print options,  because (IMHO) it's good practice for forms pages to give you a copy of your input - though many don't bother.

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