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Shorter URL's



When sharing something from Skitch the url is WAY too long:


Other services how short URL's:



How about Evernote buys ev.note or something like that as its URL.

Yes, I know we can use bit.ly or something of the like, but that is an additional few steps. Looking for ease of use.

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Sadly there's a lot of requests around for convenience add-ins to avoid using other software for anything.  Even if Evernote decide to meet them all and are already working on it,  they probably have about 50 years' coding to go to get to this one.  If there's a lot of support here,  maybe this will jump up the queue...

If it's any consolation,  some shortener sites have browser extensions that require one click to copy the shortcut to clipboard...  and Bit.ly (and presumably others) will give you stats on click-throughs that may be useful - Evernote don't have that either.

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