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Request: Preserve font style & font size on copy-paste



Currently, when I use Android GBoard (aka Google Keyboard) on Android 7.0, anything cut/copied and then pasted within the same Evernote note will have its font family and font sized changed.


  1. On Android, select some text in a Evernote note
  2. Copy or cut it
  3. Paste it again somewhere in the same note
  4. Sync
  5. Go to Windows Evernote and open up the same note
  6. Notice the text has changed from Tahoma 10 to Helvetica Nue 12, which is very obviously distinct from the original/default font

As Tahoma 10 is Evernote's default font (as far as I can see in Windows Evernote), and I'm doing copy-paste within Evernote's own note itself, I would at least expect some form of consistency involved regarding the font-style and font-size.

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This issue has been reported a number of times. See for instance

Evernote is definitely aware of this. Last December a support employee told me that this is a known issue they'd been working on, and they expected it to be resolved in the next app update. That didn't happen. In February an Evernote employee posted in that thread that "We are currently in the process of correcting this, and will likely be fixed within the next few updates." It still hasn't happened, and I'm not optimistic it will be fixed soon. Basically we could see a fix any minute, or any month; or not till  much later.

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