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Can not see my notes in the new web interface, nor in the Windows app

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Mods, I just posted a similar post, but for some reason I can't access to it, you can delete that one.
So, I tried logging in to the new web interface, but I couldn't see my notes (years of them), and I freaked out. The windows app showed me the same thing: 9 notes out of hundreds, and just one notebook.
However, the notes are still there in the old web version.

How can be this fixed?

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It sounds like you set up a new account and created the 9 notes
New accounts are restricted to the new Web UI and start with a default "First Notebook"

Sign back in with the correct userid/password and you should see your old notes

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9 minutes ago, Trevanian2 said:

Like I mention in this post, I can see the notes when logged in the old web version, but not in the new one nor the windows app

And you're using the same userid/password each time you log in?

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14 minutes ago, Trevanian2 said:

I can see the notes when logged in the old web version, but not in the new one nor the windows app.

Do you see the First Notebook and 9 notes on all platforms?

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Ok, this is embarrasing, I double checked, and the issue is that I subscribed using a gmail account,  and sometimes I use name.lastname@gmail.com and sometimes namelastname@gmail.com (without the dot).
Seems at some point I created one without the dot, and have the same password, and was logging in with that one instead with the right one (with the dot).
Thanks DTLow for bring this to my attention.

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