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(Archived) The "To - Do" Box

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I wonder if there is anywhere I can get more info on how best to use the "to-do" box. I have started using Egretlist and getting somewhere. Is there any table structure I can use? It would appear that the box only relates to the line of text following (or possibly sentence). What are the syntax rules there? Could I use a table in Word or Excel and place a "to-do" box in the row?

I love your product, tell everyone Downunder in Brisbane to use it, keep finding new uses, and enjoy your great podcasts. I hope you are successful in your vision - well you better be as I suspect I am stuck to you for a long time along with millions of others (hey that a pretty big tiger you are holding by the tail - have fun and enjoy your success!

David Downunder.

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The "To Do" checkboxes can appear anywhere within a note, so you can insert them into any structure that you can create within the desktop clients. This means that you could put them within a table, although our desktop table editing capabilities are fairly basic, so this may not meet your precise formatting needs.

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you can insert them into any structure that you can create within the desktop clients.

That's the crucial bit. The Checkbox has to be created in an EN note - not in a document that is then put into EN.

(I just started using Egretlist, and already love it.)

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Thanks. I think you must have had a template originally as I seem to have one with 20 or so boxes. Can't find it again unfortunately (vaguely recall you ceased templates - pity). I'll experiment but it seems more like a flag really for searching rather than any 'to-do' functionality. Be nice if you added some more and make them user definable. Tags might work - wonder if you could connect them to the box in some way. Oh well more experimenting on the way!

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