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Notebook won't open.


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Hi - I've moved to a new iPad Pro and restored from backup.  All of my notebooks open except one (the one I need, of course).  I tap on it and nothing happens for a few seconds, then Penultimate *seemingly* closes and I'm back to the app page I loaded from.  However, Penultimate is really just sitting behind this app page.  When I bring it to the front, it's on a previous notebook that it then immediately closes and shows me my notebooks page again.   

My old iPad pro opens still opens this notebook and Evernote shows the notebook fine.  It's just this new iPad.   

I don't want to lose anything, so haven't tried anything drastic like re-installing. :) 


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Yup - you never need to 'restore' Evernote.  Your notes are stored on the server,  so just install the app and log in to the server;  your notes should be available immediately.  Restoring an existing session on a different device just (I think) confuses the issue.

Anyhow.  All fixed - congratulations!

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