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Hi @ All,

I use Evernote Web and the client software for Android on my phone. Everything worked like a charm, no issues for month. To make my notes also available on my PC (Win 7 Home), I installed Evernote for Windows. I entered my credentials und the first sync started. But instead of showing me all my notes, it asked me to create my FIRST note. I was surprised and synced manually again with the same result. Then I switched back to the web interface and saw that everything was deleted. So it seams it sync went in the wrong direction.

I disconnected my phone from internet access immediately. Fortunately my notes are still on the phone. I am not sure if I can sync these notes back to the server. I think the server will tell my phone that it (the server) has the most recent version of my notes and the notes on my phone will be deleted too.

How can I get back my notes? Could somebody provide some help or has some advices? Thanks in advance!


p.s.: I have only a basic account.

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Hi.  Your notes should already have been synced to the server if your phone is connected to the network. If you log into your desktop with the same user name and password from the phone,  you should see all your notes.  It's probable that you have accidentally created a new account with slightly different login details,  hence the 'first note' request.

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