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(Archived) Migrate Safari plugin to Safari 5 extension API



The integrated Safari clipper is a wonderful feature of Evernote, and probably the one Safari extension I use most on the Mac, bare 1Password only. However, the current plugin’s architecture makes things like adding a button to the toolbar a hack. The net results are well known: it is impossible to remove Evernote’s clipper button from the toolbar persistently; the clipper button fights over its place on the toolbar with 1Password’s one (which is similarly obstinate, but less successful — on my system, it tends to gets shuffled to the right end of the toolbar over several sessions) and, generally speaking, the more old-style plugins vie for toolbar space, the worse things get (SafariStand really used to mess things up when thrown into the mix).

Now, I am saying “old-style” because as of Safari 5, Apple has introduced an official plugin API to Safari. I have a few plugins in use already, and though some of them feel a bit rough around the edges when it comes to core functionality, the integration into Safari itself is rock solid. Considering this, and considering the incompatibilities hassle and hackiness surrounding the current solution, I’d strongly advocate migrating the clipper plugin to the now officially sanctioned plugin architecture. Just imagine: no more workarounds for other incompatible plugins :).

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