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  1. So, I got the Adonit Jot. I go to a LOT of meetings. Constantly losing paper. Notebooks are a pain to share. Gotta go and scan everything in, etc. I am looking for a clean solution to help me keep handwritten notes in Evernote. I read the reviews on Penultimate with the Jot before I bought and really didn't think that it could be that bad. Unfortunately, I was wrong. <RANT> Evernote: Penultimate with the Jot is embarrassing. Dropped letters, wrist protection that is spotty at best, very poor annotation functioning (would a highlighter have killed you?), the list goes on. However, the handwriting experience is the worst. The graphic lags, letters get dropped, and I can scarcely read my own writing. I jumped to Note Shelf -- wow, what a difference. If this had robust, automatic, Evernote sync, I wouldn't be complaining here -- I'd be using their software. However, I'd like better sync. Penultimate has that sync, but the rest is just plain awful. Not what I expect from this company... </RANT>
  2. I'd be very happy if EN would just add a capture function to the Services menu. Omnigroup's OmniFocus does this with very good effect. How about it, Dave? Kevin
  3. Come on, you know... NOTEBOOK FOLDING... Sheesh... KK
  4. My vote is for Zippo and Geech, Mac engineers extraordinaire. Kevin
  5. I nominate EN for the best-named support dude ever. Geech? Friggin awesome. Now, we have to work on Brandon's name... -- KK
  6. Dave, That is very interesting. I didn't realize that about the Mac and Win platforms. I'm not a programmer (the last time I wrote a program was in Pascal in college -- dissuaded me from going into CS) so I don't know these issues. But I am a passionate end-user who is kinda picky about UI. In the end, I guess what I would like to see from Evernote is a "Snow Leopard" type of effort. Hold on the cool, totally new stuff and get the house in order. Get to all that stuff that is supposed to happen "in the future", fix some real usability issues (tag organization) and consolidate your position. I absolutely love this product and I want to keep giving you my money. (By the way, I'd pay _more_ than $50 per year) Keep up the terrific work. Kevin
  7. Dave, Thanks for the reply. One of the reasons I believe in your product is that the "big guns" in your company such as you and Phil interact so readily and easily with we the users. Thanks for that. Maybe I'm just a big dummy, but I tried to export a PDF note from Evernote as an XML but was not able to figure out how to open it without going back to Evernote. I tried Pages, Preview, Safari and none would recognize it as a file they could read. Please guide me away from my ignorance. Really, if I were to extend a common Mac UI feature, I should be able to drag a note onto my desktop and have EN export the file. It could even pop up a dialog asking me how I wanted to export it (PDF, XML, HTML, etc...) I guess I was aware that you could nest tags. However, this seems to be a very inelegant solution. It would be absolutely cool to be able to restrict or define tags to certain notebooks. I would love to have folders to organize them in (mostly to aid in searching, not necessarily when tagging a note which I do mostly from memory anyway.) While we're at it, how about a way to prevent me from accidentally creating a new tag when I accidentally type "medicla" rather than "medical"? I sometimes commit a typo but don't catch it until I hit the comma and volia, I've created a new tag that I now have to go hunt down and delete. It would be nice to be able to lock a notebook into certain tags and/or lock myself from creating new tags by accident. I really don't have much experience with software that permits tagging and requires it to the same degree as EN. I am noticing, however, with my "flat, tagged" hierarchy in Evernote, my search results are getting much less specific. One of the problems with OCRing all the PDFs is that over time I am getting more and more results from searches that used to result in fewer. For example, back when I had a couple hundred notes, the search "texas DPS registration" would result in about six or so notes. Now, I get over 30. I'd love to use the tags to help limit my search criteria, but don't know how to. I seem to remember having to use some kind of weird syntax in the search field. In the end, I think the software needs to be much more powerful, focus on usability, especially on the organization, search and export. You know who your vocal users are, perhaps time to get a group together and focus on making your product the best place to keep all our stuff. Kevin
  8. @Evernote, (in the spirit of your podcasts) I've been a faithful EN user now for nearly two years. I have listened to every podcast (thanks for figuring out how to keep Phil's voice volume constant!) and have watched the growth of your services with great excitement. However, I must ask you to help us, the users, with some issues. There have been a variety of issues brought up in this forum regarding some pretty significant usability issues with EN as well as missing and needed features. While I know we Mac users are a self-entitled bunch (right Dave?) I suspect the same issues keep cropping up over on the PC forums as well. For over a year, we've heard, "planned for the future" but I haven't seen a whole lot of movement or heard anything more concrete than that. I have seen some calls for a roadmap and while I realize that you may not want to publish such a scheme, some concrete news or disclosure of plans may be a good idea. I am afraid that Evernote may miss transitioning from satisfying those early adopters (such as myself) who are willing to deal with those usability issues for a finite period of time to satisfying a larger portion of your market. I believe you are approaching a tipping point and may not be able to satisfy your growing customer base. My impression is that you have focused on gaining capital, and expanding into certain devices that you feel can help your market share (these opinions are based solely on your podcasts.) However, I would ask you: "when are you going to focus not on expanding, but rather on transitioning your software from 'okay' to 'insanely great?'" You have an insanely great concept, but the execution is lagging in my opinion. A few issues for illustration: 1. Export of items from EN. This issue is huge. There is NO WAY to easily get your stuff back out of Evernote. No drag and drop of items out of your notes, no batch export of multiple notes. Argh! 2. Any sort of hierarchal organization of anything. I have embraced a "flat" notebook structure and instead allowed tags to help keep me organized. However, with well over 100 tags and absolutely no way to organize them, they are rapidly becoming unwieldy. I would love to be able to organize tags in a hierarchal fashion, be able to capitalize tags even if the first one in alphabetical order is not capitalized (I've reported that bug at least twice), I would love to be able to have certain tag lists for certain notebooks (allows me not to flood my "personal notebook" tags with choices from my 10 other notebooks. I would love to be able to EASILY search by tags or select tags to restrict my search criteria (scrolling through a list of 100+ tags makes this rather difficult. I understand the issues with hierarchal notebooks and the limits on the number of notebooks, but many users find this sort of organization scheme intuitive (especially your "majority" adopters) and if you want mass market acceptance, I think you are going to have to allow this. Yohimbo allows it, NoteBook allows it (?), other programs allow it. Please, the organization is getting unwieldy for some of us. 3. Email. Come on guys, just about every software program I use uses Mail.app for the email client. Why can't you? 4. Save location of files. Again, just about every software program I use allows the user to define a save location. This is critical for two reasons. 1. As my collection of notes grows, I'm gonna run out of HDD space eventually and perhaps I want it on an external device. 2. I'd really like to encrypt my EN files by having it sit in my Documents folder so I can encrypt the whole Documents folder. 5. Shared notebooks. How cool is that? However, I can only get it via the web clients??? For over six months??? Not cool. Don''t deploy features if you aren't ready to support it across your platforms as well. See also: note history. These are a few of the more memorable issues that I can come up with. I absolutely love Evernote. I believe in it. However, as I find more and more ways to use it, I find it increasingly unwieldy and the omissions and issues become more remarkable. Can you, Evernote, please shed some light on your plans for the platform as a whole? Please, I firmly believe you must focus on improving the quality of your product, the user experience and your software. Thank you for all your work. I hope to be an Evernote user for a very long time. Kevin
  9. EN will NOT display the OO note. It will, however store the file. When you double click on the file in the EN note, OO will open for you to edit the OO document. When you are done editing the OO note, save it. OO will write the changes to the file stored on EN. The file will then sync on the EN service, updating all your devices in the process. A bit of a work-around, but this works with virtually any type of file, but only if you have a premium account. In essence, you are using EN to store your file, rather than in the usual location in your "Documents" folder. Kevin
  10. If you right click on a PDF after EN had OCRd it (I think you have to be a premium member) you will see an option to save the searchable PDF. The searchable PDfs look pretty funny, in my experience. So if EDITING a PDF is not high on your list of things to do, then the EN OCR will probably work. Kevin
  11. Look at the left hand column of the desktop client, see the Notebook list? Scroll ALL the way to the bottom (below the tags) and you will find the Trash Can. Click to open and you will find your file there. Highlight your file and click "restore." Should work, let me know. Kevin
  12. I may be totally wrong on this, speaking out my posterior, as it were... I heard/read recently that EN designed their OCR to maximize search results returns -- e.g. give you the best chance of finding the document you are searching for rather than giving you a high-fidelity editable copy of something. Now that I think about it, I heard that on the most recent podcast and I think EN was referring to their .jpg search results. Oh well. I have limited experience opening OCR'd PDFs from EN. They are serviceable, but if there is any special formatting/graphics embedded in your document, the formatting of the OCR PDF is a bit messy. However, you can certainly use them. Bottom line, though: EN premium is ~$5 per month. Try out the EN OCR and the SN OCR and see what meets your workflow/OCR needs the best. I'm loving the EN OCR, you may not. Hope that is somewhat helpful. KK
  13. This is not an issue with Evernote. The way the ScanSnap software works is that it creates a document in the folder you specify in ScanSnap Manager then sends it on to the software you are using. You'll note this behavior if you use the ScanSnap to send an emailed document, or a card to Cardiris, etc. I too have no need for two copies. So I have SSM do its thing and drop the files it creates into a folder that nothing else goes into (for me it is ~/Pictures/Scanner Temp). I use a little utility called Hazel by Noodlesoft (http://www.noodlesoft.com) to automatically delete any file in that folder that is older than one week old. Hazel isn't a one-trick pony, it does bunches of other things as well, so check it out. No, I don't work for Noodlesoft. The ScanSnap OCRing is quite slow, on my machine (a 2007 MacBook Pro with 4GB and a 2.2 Duo processor) it takes about 15-30 seconds per page. By uploading and having EN do the OCR, it is much faster. However, EN OCR is set up to provide the best search results, not necessarily provide a document I would want to import for editing. And it occurs offline without chewing up your computer time. Hope that helps. Kevin
  14. I don't use EN for note taking. Honestly, it isn't very good at it. As previously mentioned, EN is REALLY, REALLY good at grabbing stuff (I dump in scans, web pages, emails, etc) as PDFs and then searching the database for the documents I need at a later date. Try OmniGroup's OmniOutliner. Pretty cheap, great outliner/note taker. You can dump the file into EN and keep it synced. Kevin
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