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Dislike Image Display & hyperlink feature on (305173)



Normally I like the updates you push out (normally they're improvements, but not always)... as an example, this is the first update that has motivated me enough to find this forum to make comments (but these two things are irritating to me since they're not improvements... these 2 features used to work fine, but not after the update).

  1. I don't like the way images are now viewed in this new version.
    • IN OLDER VERSIONS: in an Evernote note, you'd select an image to view and the image would display separately from the note (you could move it to the side & continue making notes in Evernote).
    • IN THIS VERSION: You select an image in a note, and the image goes full-size within Evernote, blocking the original note... so you can no longer view the enlarged image and also make notes about it in Evernote.  ??? Are you kidding me ??? (see screenshot attached)
  2. I'm no longer able to make hyperlinks to Google Drive.  When I type a description and then create a hyperlink to google drive, Evernote hijacks my original text and forces a spec
    • IN OLDER VERSIONS:  I'd type text into a note > Click "CTL K" and enter the URL I want there > Click OK and my text would now be underlined as a hyperlink to the URL I desire
    • IN THIS VERSION: I type text into a note > Click "CTL K" and enter the URL I want there > Click OK and my text disappears (Evernote disregards & hijacks it) and replaces it with a specialized link display describing the file name in Google Drive.  (Why can't I just create an ordinary text hyperlink as I always have been able to in the past.  Sometimes I want to make a comment about something relevant in the file & then create a hyperlink to that URL... Well, Evernote has eliminated that use case in this new version... Not good!  See Attached Images)

I'm still a dedicated fan of Evernote, just disappointed with updates (upgrades) which actually take away useful features.  It's as though there's some obsession with having to continually fiddle with Evernote (even the functions of Evernote which are the most useful and which don't require "fixing").  Just as it's sometimes OK to have a thought you don't express, it's also OK to have an idea for a change to Evernote that you ignore. It's OK to keep the features that are already working great.  As a long time Evernote user my advice would be to resist the temptation to change the most useful basic functions (from the user perspective they're often not "an improvement," they're irritating). 


Mark Little
San Diego





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