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(Archived) Feature request: keyboard shortcuts

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A few features in Evernote, that are really useful, like the All Notes button the toolbar, haven't got any discernable keyboard shortcut associated with them. Why?

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Here is a great solution and it improves on the ALL NOTES icon.



Global Hot Keys tab

Find in Evernote

Change the default to F5

You'll never remember the default - (Shift + Windows + F)

Now, whenever you hit F5, you will run the ALL NOTES feature, clear your previous search and automatically move the cursor to the search field for a new search.

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Yes, the "Find in Evernote" global hot-key in Mac and Windows is my favorite "power Evernote user" tip. Even if Evernote isn't running, I can still find something in Evernote faster than any other application I use via this hotkey and a few chosen keywords (which can include tag names).

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Wow! Wow! Wow!

It runs even if Evernote is closed! I just tried it and you are right.

That is super! Now I know why BurgernFries put some green nail polish on her F5 key.

I didn't realize it was that powerful. (Probably because I never shut down my Evernote - LOL)

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