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Automatic formatting oddity

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I recently created a notebook for vehicle maintainance. When I enter the date and mileage Evernote automatically formats it as some kind of contact hyperlink. Tapping on it in Android pops up the phone dialer, on my iPad it pops up a menu with "Send Message, Add to Contacts, Copy" (screen grab attached).

I am unable to remove the formatting. (It only goes away if I select "Simplify Formatting, Plain Text".)

Any work-arounds for this?


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Hmmn.  The Android OS seems to interpret this as a phone number - there's more information (but no fix) here - https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/mobile-web-quick-tip-phone-number-links--mobile-7667

There's nothing in Android settings that I can see to switch that off.  If/ when Evernote add a 'code block' option to notes that might get around it,  but otherwise it's Simplify Formatting or nothing I'm afraid...

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