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The tables in Evernote are very powerful.  However, some of the features available in the Mac and Windows versions are missing in the web version.  And MOST of those features are missing in the android version.  This is really frustrating.  It's not helpful when I have to go to my desktop computer simply because I can't add a column or row to a table on my tablet.  This takes away from the usefulness of the tables.  All the features should be available on all platforms.  Google Sheets on the Android app, so it is possible

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I would actually be wary of introducing Tables to Android because the display is absolutely not optimised right now.

Tables created in Evernote Windows desktop looks pretty bad both in the desktop version and the Android version, as things like dimensions, flexible layout, alignment are in a pretty bad state currently.

EDIT: Things seem to have improved with the latest Windows client though - I'll check that out once I get my laptop repaired.

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