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OneNote recording possibility is distroyed in latest two iOS version, and nothing is done to fix this bug, so Apple forces OneNote users to use some other apps. Is it possible to open OneNote files in Evernote. I have created hundreds of song demos with lyrics with OneNote and now Apple took this tool from me and searching hoplessly some other app. Evernote works and seems to be applicable to same use.

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Hi.  I have no idea in what format OneNote audio recordings are made in iOS,  but if you can extract the files,  you would be able to attach them to Evernote notes and -probably- convert them to another format if necessary to play more easily.  Your OneNote notes should be available to you on any device,  so if iOS is no longer working,  can you try a desktop machine somewhere?

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I've nearly completed moving everything from OneNote to Evernote using the Import/Microsoft OneNote facility.  I found that I needed to treat each OneNote section as its own import, then rename the resulting Notebook with the appropriate name. Not a single action but worth it.  So if you can get to your OneNote files on any other device moving all your material to Evernote should be relatively easy. 

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