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(Archived) Feature request: PDF Editing



I am a Premium user. I would like to request the ability to highlight PDFs in Evernote. This is not an OCR issue; it's an editing issue. The way Scrivener handles this is it allows me to open the PDF in Preview, make highlights and notes, and then it's saved back into Scrivener. This is the way Evernote Premium handles MS Word documents, for example, but not PDFs.

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Actually, I figured out how to do it. Not sure why I didn't see this before. When I have the PDF selected, I cntrl-click in the window and then choose "Open With" Preview. From there I can highlight, and save back. Would prefer not to have to switch to Preview, but happy this option is available now.

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Yes, that's the correct way to edit a PDF (or any file attachment within Evernote). Full PDF editing within Evernote itself would be nice, but is a pretty big project, so we leave the editing to a full PDF program like Preview or Acrobat.

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