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Feature Request: Bookmark Integration

Daniel Rose


I'd LOVE to get rid of my google or safari bookmarks and use Evernote to manage them. Perhaps by allowing users to assign a specific tag to a web URL saved in a note, a feature could be created that pulled these links from tagged notes and presented them in a browser as bookmarks, organized by notebook, but only showing url links tagged as bookmarks. These could be presented in an Evernote bookmark bar which synchronizes on your devices. 

When opening a list of bookmarks, maybe include a small icon that would open the entire note with additional note info?? 

I hope that makes sense. I use Evernote for everything and hate using a separate bookmark manager. Allowing bookmarks to be edited with context or notes would be immensely helpful.


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Hi.  I'm not exactly clear what you're asking for,  but I'm pretty certain that Evernote doesn't (and won't ever) do that.  You have a choice of page,  selection or bookmark.  Note list view contains a URL column which displays the source of a clipping but not much else.  Bookmarks have to be manually selected to be saved.  Automating the process (if you need to) is a matter of finding a macro recorder and setting up the process.

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