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(Archived) Probably a VERY simple question



I'm a Evernote Windows user, and am starting to use a MacBook Pro.

I use Firefox as the Browser on my Mac, so I've installed the Frefox plugin. When I click on the plugin on the Mac, it opens a window with the correct information, but there is no SAVE button, so I have no idea how to actually save the note to Evernote.

What am I missing here?

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The Firefox plugin simply takes the information you selected (or the whole page, depending), then opens Evernote and creates a new note with the correct information.

Is that not how it is working for you?

I am not sure how familiar you are with OSX, so I'm going to add this small note just in case. In order to tell if you are in Evernote, take a look in the Menu Bar up by the Apple logo. Evernote should appear next to the logo, showing that is the currently active app.

Perhaps you can grab a screenshot for us? (Shift+Command+3 for full screen, Shift+Command+4 for selected area)

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