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In the Evernote Windows application, I seem to have accidentally created some kind of footer or signature which appears at the bottom of every note.  It shows up in old notes, which didn't used to have it.  If I click on "new note", the empty new note shows up with this footer before I have entered anything. (If I do enter text in the new note, the footer slides down the page to make room for the text.)  I cannot position the cursor in the footer text, much less delete it.  The footer doesn't seem to actually be "in" the note -- it can't be found with a search, and it doesn't show up in the note if I bring up the web version of Evernote.  I can't find any feature which sounds like footers or signatures to turn off. Help!

p.s. When this started, I had some text in a note highlighted in preparation for a copy and paste.  The keyboard slipped in my lap, I hit some unknown key combination, and the highlighted text became this omnipresent footer.

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