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Differences of Attached Files in Computer & Tablet

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I have a Samsung Tablet with the Evernote App installed, & I have the PC app installed on my laptop. On my laptop, if I select a note that has a pdf attached to it, I can view that pdf and go from page to page. However on my Tablet I have to go to Adobe Acrobat or some other pdf viewing app. I've been wanting to type lists or other related data on the top of the note, and simply scroll down to the attached pdf if I have to check anything. Can I do that on the tablet?  

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Hi.  Because of the different operating systems and physical limits between laptops and mobile devices it isn't possible to see a PDF file 'in line' - to see pages - as opposed to it being an attachment to the note.  If you have a split screen feature on your tablet you might be able to open the PDF file and switch between it and the other note content,  but that's about the most you could do.  The only other options I can think of would be to convert the PDF file to images - multiple JPG files (one per page) which are visible in line on a  tablet,  or to copy the content of the PDF file into plain text in the same note.

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