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Webclipper not capturing photos


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I am using Chrome on a MacBook pro with the Evernote webclipper to capture article plus photos from sites like Architectural Digest and Dwell. Unfortunately, the photos (the important part!) don't come along.  I've tried 'full page' and 'article'.  what's wrong?

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Hi.  Clipper will pull down the code that's on the website you're looking at,  including pictures if they're available.  Some sites don't like sharing their pictures for copyrght and paywall reasons.  Some sites are just coded badly and/ or don't actually include a picture - just a link to another website which does have the picture.  Basically the web is a complicated place and while Clipper is great most of the time,  it sometimes just can't work.

So.  Can you

  • print the page to a PDF file via the browser?
  • take one or more screenshots?
  • get to a 'print' option page which is a bit simpler than the main web page?
  • right-click each picture to copy and paste it into the note?
  • select part of the content (including a picture) and repeat to get a full page?
  • use one of the many 'capture a web page' services on the internet to grab the content?
  • print out the page on your printer and re-scan (worst worst case!)

Clipper's great when it works,  but it's not the only way to get a copy of the page.

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