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Attachments in Evernote

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I am using basic evernote on a Windows PC.  I have attached a .pdf file into my Note and get no 'error message'.  It appears to have attached correctly, however I cannot see it after I have attached it.  Anybody have any insight?

It is a .pdf that was e-mailed to me.  I saved it to my PC and then attached it from there.  It is a baseball schedule for my daughter and I am trying to load it into a note for Family Schedule.


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By attached do you mean dragged the PDF into the note?

As a test, set your default context as your default notebook (just click on it in the left panel) and then drag the pdf into the list area.  This should create a new note with the PDF in it. The same technique is used to add a PDF to an existing note, have the note visible in the note area and then drop the PDF where you want it in the note.

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The first time I tried it, I used the icon, 'Add Attachment'.  However, I just tried using your method and still no luck.  I thought it might be because it is a shared note, but I tried it in any of my regular notes and still the same result. 

When I drag the pdf into my note, the PDF opens and have an open PDF on my screen.  I cannot see Evernote.  When I click 'Back' on my brower, it takes me back to Evernote but no attachment has moved over...

I am going to try it out on my MAC and see if I have any luck..



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