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Very unpleasant new user restriction.. of 2 platforms..




I am actually quite furious about the change that appeared when i booted up Evernote. Seems like you have taken my work and workflow as a hostage in order to boost revenue. I was suddenly met by a "2 platform limitation". This is new and highly restricts my use of the program. So you have basically now taken my workflow as a hostage in order to ship on a deluxe payment scheme.

I am highly disappointed by this. Now i need to start searching for a alternative platform to use. I am sure there are competitors out there but I am sure you have made migrating difficult. Anyhow my big cut and paste adventure has to begin, I am just very disappointed by this very very userunfriendly move. The least you could have done is to issue proper warning, a popup that in 6 month time this user restriction will start.... This is just a plain very bad user experience.


Jakob Kristensen

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This is really old news, and note that you are resticted to two simultaneous devices
You can use as many devices as you want; just not all at the same time

You can manage your devices under User Settings
Just swap the devices you want active

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