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Any way to stop auto rotate?


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Many times when I scan documents (usually hebrew docs) the app will auto rotate them upside down and then I need to manually adjust each page. 
Is there a way to prevent this?
 don't understand why there is no setting available to enable/disable this function.

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Hi.  There's something weird in the way that mobile devices identify picture orientation.  I get some ordinary pictures that insist on rotating to the wrong view as I turn the phone.  Scanners somehow manage it better - whichever way around I feed a document in,  it somehow comes out (mostly) the right way up.  There are other scanner apps out there (sorry,  Evernote) which may have the edge - I used to use CamScanner which seemed to manage quite well with orientation.  Depending on your device it may be worth trying out a few.  CanSCanner will still save back to Evernote and (I think,  from memory) still does OCR for you.

It's also worth letting us know what you eventually decide - if you do choose another app,  maybe the developers will have something to give them ideas when they next overhaul Scannable's image recognition systems.

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This happen to me too. When Scannable automatically rotated perfectly oriented document upside down, it is time consuming and not practical to have to manually rotate the document back to its original orientation.

My experience with Scannable have been good so far, but if this glitch keep on occurring I hate to tell the Evernote team that I might have to find a new scanning app. It would be grateful if you could fix this.

I’m using 2017 iPad Pro cellular. Thanx

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