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Faster storing of VoiceRecording




I use the quick / Shortcut to record a task. But the storing of the Note need 3 clicks.

Could you make a button witch can close the note immediately? Every note. A normal text note too.


After a recording I have to push

- stop

- the button with the "tick"

- the button with the arrow (or the back button)


When I am in my car or between meetings It is too complicate to use this. So I use another Tool to record my voice. And only because Evernote need too many steps to store the note.

Perhaps you can make a shortcut to record a voicerecording start/stop or a widget. with buttons start / stop. Or whatever else..


But perhaps it is the easiest way to make another button in the upper left, witch stores and closes immediately the note.

I hope you can understand what my issue is.

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One of the Evernote widgets is a one-button option that (I think - no phone here ATM) can be set up to run one Evernote process*.  New Voice Note would be the choice there.  IFTTT also do "Do" buttons using their interface.  Personally I use Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder  - there's a paid version.  Not sure whether the free app has this feature,  but mine has a big red 'record' button on the Home screen which is a one-tap start/ stop. 

* There's also a 2x4 widget that comes with a little toolbar you can configure to start a voice note with one tap.

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thanks for you answer. But I think I have not explained correctly what I want.

1. HiQ Mp3 Voice: I use this app as Premium too. But I want to replace it with Evernote. I think it is a evernote forum here and we do not want to use third party apps. I want to make a better Evernote so I have not to use other apps to reach my target.

2. Evernote Shortcut + widget via Toolbar

That is the way I use Evernote at this time.

But my problem is not to start quickly the recording. My problem is to store the recording immediately. So like HIQ-Mp3 !


3. If you know a way to use the HIQMp3 Widget with evernote. So that HIQmp3 stores the recording files automatically in Evernote? This is a solution I would like until Evernote make a faster way to store recording notes.


I do not know IFTTT

Can I use this app on my Android to use the HIQmp3 widget to store his recordings automatically in Evernote like I wrote in Point 3 ?

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HIQ mp3 Recorder do not support Evernote: The support answered my today:

Hi ,
Unfortunately, we do not support Evernote at the moment. 
We do not plan to have that support, but if there are more customers requesting it, we will consider adding it. 
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Team


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Now I have a idea how to make such a Button.

Look the "QuickNote" button. That is such a fast sulution for text.

I need such a method only for Audio. Better is to have extra Buttons record/pause/stop, so I can have time to think between the recording of my Ideas. But at this time it is ok to make many recording notes for only one thought. In the main its a quick start and quick store of the note. Linke the Quck-Text notes at this time.


So I do not need Hi-mp3 Recorder anymore to store my thougts.

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