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Ive been using Yojimbo for many months now and love the tagging scheme. For those of you who don't know it, when you click on a tag the program automatically brings up the entries with related tags. I can keep clicking tags and it only brings up the hierarchy I've selected no matter how deep. Maybe Im spoiled but it is what makes the program so awesome. What makes most sense to me is to be able to click on a Notebook and ONLY the related entries and tags show. Better yet. When I click on a TAG only related entries in the whole database show. As I keep clicking on related tags a list gets narrower and narrower until I have the perfect list. Can people chime in on this so if it is important to people EN will consider its validity? Thanks

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Entirely agree; some enhancements to the display of tags would go a long way to make Evernote's bucket(s) of notes more manageable (I still find it a bit clunky in this respect).

In particular, as you say, having the tag list narrow to only those used in the currently-selected notebook would make a huge difference. For those who wouldn't want this, perhaps it could be an option. Or maybe the list could narrow via the current notebook's tags being displayed differently from other tags (bolder, or in a different tree).

Combine this with the ability to link notes, and Evernote would be well on the way to being as suitable for managing note sets for projects and topics as it is now for capture of discrete notes.

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