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  1. Several days ago EN started freezing. Now I cannot access at all when I open it. Does anyone know how to trouble shoot this? Ive placed two tech support tickets over the past week and no one at EN has responded.
  2. Actually that is not 100% true. Here is what they responded to me with. "For quick entry to work, Evernote would need to expose links to those specific items in its database via AppleScript - at the moment this is not offered by Evernote (and it never has been). There is a workaround hack we could implement to make something like that work, but we've tested it and it is not stable (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't) - so we won't consider adding this feature until Evernote offer full AppleScript support in their app."
  3. If they do then there is a communication breakdown between them and Things as they just told me they don't.
  4. Im a heavy Things user and its a disappointment that Evernote dent have applescript support so that Things can make the links. Please consider adding this. Anyone else want this feature?
  5. Ive been using Yojimbo for many months now and love the tagging scheme. For those of you who don't know it, when you click on a tag the program automatically brings up the entries with related tags. I can keep clicking tags and it only brings up the hierarchy I've selected no matter how deep. Maybe Im spoiled but it is what makes the program so awesome. What makes most sense to me is to be able to click on a Notebook and ONLY the related entries and tags show. Better yet. When I click on a TAG only related entries in the whole database show. As I keep clicking on related tags a list gets narrower and narrower until I have the perfect list. Can people chime in on this so if it is important to people EN will consider its validity? Thanks
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