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Append to note widget



I want an Android widget that points to one note. When I click it, I can quickly add to that note, save, and get out. For example,  I'm having a conversation and someone mentions a book or movie I want to remember. I don't want to spend 5 minutes clicking on my phone. I want to click, enter and leave. I'd like it to optionally add the date automatically. This could also be used as a journal or log. I don't want 6 million separate notes that I have to manage and sort through (the only widget I found creates a new note every time). I think this would be a popular item, yet I have to go find some other app to do it, although I'm paying for Evernote. Also, for a to-do or shopping list... provide checkbox entries with quick append, and quick check the box.  Evernote already has most of what's needed for this. Why not finish it? 

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