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Issues with creating new rows in tables


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I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this. I tried to submit a bug but it got me nowhere.

This has happened to me on several occasions. Where I have a note with a table in it and as new content comes along I simple add a new row to the table by hitting [tab] key in the last column of the last row.  And the expected behavior is that it creates a new empty row at the bottom of the table with the right number of columns. Most of the time this works as expected but every once in awhile the table becomes corrupted.  What I mean by corrupted is that it forgets where the last row is and the new row that is created is no longer inserted at the end of the table but at a fixed location within the table.  For example if I have a table with 11 rows in it, it will create a row at lets say between 5 and 6 instead of at 12 and all the contents are shifted down (see attached pic).  It's like there is an artifact after that row that indicates that that's the end of the table because once it starts in this manner it continues to behave like this.

Work around for now is to create a new table and transfer all content to new one and pray that it doesn't start up on this table.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


signed super annoyed by this


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Hi.  Tables do have their own personality sometimes.  The safest way to make changes is to copy the table into another application that supports the format well - looking at Word or Excel here - and make your changes there.  For added convenience it's also possible to attach that document to the note so you can do all that's necessary whenever and wherever you open the note. 

You could also contact Support if you're a paying customer or tweet them if not..  https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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