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Clip Wikipedia Format Disarrangement

Oscar Gong


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Hi.  There's another long thread on this around somewhere and I posted this reply..  (but forgot to note the URL of that thread,  so here's my copy...)

Clipper is a great tool,  but very occasionally it can't cope with every random coding trick that site providers come up with.  Sometimes it's necessary to look for alternatives.

So you can also consider -

  • Looking for a 'mobile' version of the page - they're laid out more simply so can sometimes be easier and less cluttered to clip
  • Checking for a 'print' option on the page - developers often make it easier to get the content onto one page - sometimes also allowing you to see/ print multiple pages in one display.
  • Using the browser options to print to a file and attaching that to a note - in extreme cases,  maybe printing to paper and physically scanning the result back in (or using a device camera) to add it to a note
  • Using the various websites that will copy/  PDF/  print other web pages - especially useful for very l-o-n-g web pages sometimes
  • In Wikipedia's case reading the instructions. See below.  I got a perfectly usable PDF out of a Wikpedia page in about one second flat and Evernote sucked it into a note for me.  (I tried the print option too,  but Wikipedia can't even print their own page in full when it has formulae).


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