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Is there a MSI installer for Enterprise environments?

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Hi.  Registering an individual user requires an online connection,  and AFAIK the easiest way to process that is to download the installer package directly.  It is possible to opt not to download updates,  but one important feature - which is essential if you want to share notes between users - is access to the internet to synchronise data with other workstations on the system.  The sync is from workstation A to/from the server,  and workstation B to/from the server and so on.

Please be aware that this is a (mainly) user-supported forum,  and any technical information would be better coming from Evernote themselves - I'd suggest you reach out initially on Twitter @EvernoteHelps

From my user perspective it sounds like you might be better off using Evernote Business,  but please bear in mind that while various security protocols are built in,  this is not a system I'd like my personal medical records to be kept on...

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