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Using cloud storage to free up disk space

Paul Raznat


I have a MacBook Air with 256GB total storage. I've been using EN for a couple of years now and my HDD is nearing capacity. App data (excluding photos, music, video) is by far the largest amount of files at 161GB, with EN .pdf files representing the lion's share of that. 90% of my EN activity is scanning documents to eliminate paper. The rest is mostly web clipping. My question is whether it is possible to store some notebooks exclusively in the cloud and off my computer? I'm only seeing the choices of local and synchronized, the latter meaning a file on both the computer and cloud. How about getting some of them, the ones I'm comfortable with doing, exclusively in the cloud unless and until I need to look at them? I'm retired and using EN just for personal needs. I don't want to resort to an add-on external HDD for EN files. I'm running MacOS 10.11.6 and EN 6.10. Thoughts?

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I want to address this topic again - because it’s getting worse. 

The problem was already solved in iOS - where I can select the notebooks and spaces I need to be synced and stored locally. 
Why don’t you just invert the process on the Mac/Windows by DEselecting all notebooks and spaces the user doesn’t need to have stored locally? 
This won’t change any user experience by the users not aware of this feature and gives those who use it more an opportunity to save disk space. 
In my case I use Evernote personally and with a business account from my agency. 

Please consider this Feature in the next updates. 

thanks in advance! 

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14 hours ago, Paul Raznat said:

My question is whether it is possible to store some notebooks exclusively in the cloud and off my computer? 

Currently, there is no offline feature for the Mac platform, but it's in the works.  Demand sync was just implemented in Windows, and Evernote said Selective Sync is being looked at

My process would be to sort my notes by size and clean up the large notes. 

  1. Delete duplicates
  2. Delete the attachments if you don't need them
  3. move the attachments to offsite storage, and insert a link in your note

To sort into note size, use top list view.  Add a size column, and double click on the header



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