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Evernote Clipper - LinkedIn Clip Missing


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It seems that since LinkedIn updated their user-face, my clipper no longer offers a "LinkedIn" clip. Am I special... or is this a problem everyone is having?

I've tried in internet explore and chrome, everything is updated. I'm not techy but I'm running a PC, Windows 10 Pro. 

My suspicion is that since LinkedIn's update it's no longer compatible with Evernote Clipper. Is there a time frame for a fix or is Evernote just going to let their "LinkedIn" clip die? 

Thanks for the help. 





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Hi.  I only just got the new LinkedIn UI,  and Evernote only just updated their Clipper apps prior to the release,  so I'd not expect this any time soon.  Evernote probably have lots of other things with higher priority than yet another Clipper update.  If you could explain your use case a little more and detail how a 'standard' clip is different from a LinkedIn clip I can move this thread to a Feature Request forum where it can be voted on - Evernote tend to give higher priority to the requests that have some steam behind them...

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Thanks for the response @gazumped The problem is the formatting of the other methods of clipping when using LinkedIn. Prior to the whatever change happened and I had a specific LinkedIn clip, I could clip someone's profile and it would pull all useful information in a usable manor. See the first picture. This format allowed me to add notes of all communication, reference their background and data easily and was overall much more user friendly.


Without the ability to LinkedIn clip, I'm left using Article clip as my only method of retaining his full LinkedIn profile. Unfortunately the formatting sucks. It's to wide to fit all of his info into the note, it only clips partial data from his page anywhere on LinkedIn it says "show more" or "show less" and visually it's a mess. See picture 2. Also, in the "search notes" column where your notes are listed it doesn't put his profile picture there but rather assigns the picture for someone on LinkedIn's "People Also Viewed". In this case it's a hot blonde... Kory is a dude. See picture 3. 

I use Evernote exclusively and utilize the secret weapon method for my client management. I have hundreds of client and prospect's LinkedIn profiles saved and add 20-30 new profiles each week. I track everything here. Loosing the ability to seamlessly clip and use LinkedIn profiles significantly impacts my practice management. If there's not a fix coming, I'm going to have move away from evernote which sucks.

Let me know what you think.



LinkedIn Clip 2.PNG

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I'd suggest anyone with the LinkedIn issue contacts support directly if a paying subscriber at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new - or message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps - Evernote presumably aren't aware that many users miss that feature,  and the more feedback they get the more likely it is to return...


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