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(Archived) can't email from jotnot to evernote

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I have an interesting problem. Jotnot cannot figure it out, and it looks to be something that is synergistic in the email gateway but it's got me stumped too.

I can email from Gmail to evernote, but if I have Jotnot open, and use exactly the same contact name to email to evernote, the jotnot-originated email bounces with "Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason:

Emailed note was received, but Evernote did not understand the email address. It may be mis-typed, or the user may not exist. Please check to make sure the address was properly entered."

If I email from jotnot to gmail, then immediately forward that message to evernote, it works fine as well. My guess is therefore something in the jotnot header that is causing evernote to get a case of indigestion.

Can anyone reproduce this??

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You may want to triple-check the email address that you've put into JotNot. 90% of the time, it turns out that there's a typo in the address which causes this bounce. To be safest, you can copy the address from the Settings page of your account on the web and then Paste it to make sure it's right.

If you confirm that, and still have issues, please open a support inquiry at the bottom of:


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