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  1. Oddly enough it's the only document of the over 10,000 that I scanned that does this. Oh well.
  2. I have a particular PDF that, even though I took pains to scan it correctly with my ScanSnap, it stores within my Evernote inbox as upside down. Just the single document; no others. Anyone ever seen anything like this? I have added it to this post to see if someone else can reproduce it. I even opened it in Adobe and flipped it, saved it as a new document, and then tried to bring the new document in (although that says nothing about whether whatever attributes I have in the document are gone.) It just refuses to go in except standing on its head. NAIS-calendar.pdf
  3. You can roll back to a previous version using FileHippo. I have something in MY database which causes instabilities in all the 5.x builds and I'm rolled back to a 4.6 version. Doing over is easy. Make sure you do a Revo Uninstall to get rid of all the detritus of your current Evernote installation (it cleans associated files and registry entries too) and then download the last good working version, and install/sync from that.
  4. If it's corrupted data in your database, then blaming the crashes on a newer version of the app is like blaming running out of gas on bald tires. Corrupted files can be caused by many things that are out of the scope of the app itself. IE, virus, malware, failing hardware, etc. I'm glad v4 is working for you. But if you suspect you have corrupted data, I would suggest it's in your best interest to re-download your notes from the EN server. Corrupted files never uncorrupt themselves & will continue to cause you problems over time. But hey, it's your data & your time, so whatever floats your boat! Last post, I promise. I quoted the whole thing to correct one misapprehension; you said that if I had corrupted data in my database, that I should redownload from the server. I had two installations, one at home and one at work. Both were reinstalled multiple times, and the local database re-created with re-downloads from the server multiple times. Each used different network setups, and were on different machines. The only similarity was the data, naturally. They all crashed. Constantly. At no time did I say the data was corrupted, and if it was corrupted then downloading it from the EN server would be the last thing I wanted to do. I simply said that it was some data in my database that is causing failures in V5 that do not cause an issue in V4 builds. I'm only hypothesizing here, as I do not know the internals of EN and even were I to see the code I'm sure I wouldn't understand it. It could be a sequence of bytes that is causing a memory leak or some other oddball issue. Who knows for certain? Not I. I am only saying what I experience; with V5 I get constant crashes. With V4 I get no crashes. So yes, I blame the release for my crashes, since V4 does not crash with the identical data. The only thing that I could do to authoritatively prove my theory is to delete notes, one at a time, from my database in V4 and after each deletion, delete and re-sync to create a new database in a V5 installation until V5 stopped crashing. I could then provide the note to the developers as an example of a note that broke V5. However, you do rightly note that it is my data and my time, and both are precious to me. So my choice is to continue with what works, and maybe every so often look to see if a new version is able to handle my data because I'm not going to look through thousands of notes, one at a time.
  5. I cleaned the current installation with Revo and reinstalled the app several times with no success. My time is not worth that much to fiddle with it. I need to go back to what works, and wait. I do not believe that it's the install that is failing, I believe that it's latent information in my database that's causing failures.
  6. BnF, I'm a premium user and also a sucker for a new release. In this case, I feel justified in pointing out that what I'm seeing is NOT subjective at least from a performance and usability perspective. I have a support case open to ask for support on multiple crashes on a Win 7 platform, on both my home and work computer. We're talking "move a note from one notebook to another, and crash." And even "Add a tag to a note, and crash." Completely unacceptable performance. And when it was running it felt slow and sluggish (which I will admit is a subjective assessment) like I was driving an app through a remote terminal session. After lengthy investigation in the EN fora, I discovered the cadre of users who went back to and were happy about it. I went over to FileHippo and downloaded it. Downloaded RevoUninstaller and nuked the 5.x installation, rebooted, and reinstalled the 4.6 version. I just spent 30 minutes reorganizing my tags and notes to where I needed to be, completing a job which I hadn't been able to complete in several days with the 5.x version. With no crashes, with no incidents, with no four letter words (muttered at work, said out loud here at home.) It's just working the way you expect it to be. I'm unclear as to what happened, but I have to add my voice to those who say that EN was good, and could be again, but the current release version isn't ready for prime time. At least in my experience. Happily, however, I can continue to use this wonderful product.
  7. I too have suffered numerous crashes but because I was a less than diligent user of Evernote it didn't affect me so much. I'm now much more involved in using the product and the crashes are affecting me negatively. I have started by opening a support case and we'll see where it takes us.
  8. Hi, Windows client here, version When syncing I get a crash report dialog box. I logged out and I got the same dialog box. I restarted the app and attempted to log in and got the same dialog box. It's almost as if Evernote wants me to "go local." iOS and web apps are fine. Ideas?
  9. I have an interesting problem. Jotnot cannot figure it out, and it looks to be something that is synergistic in the email gateway but it's got me stumped too. I can email from Gmail to evernote, but if I have Jotnot open, and use exactly the same contact name to email to evernote, the jotnot-originated email bounces with "Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason: Emailed note was received, but Evernote did not understand the email address. It may be mis-typed, or the user may not exist. Please check to make sure the address was properly entered." If I email from jotnot to gmail, then immediately forward that message to evernote, it works fine as well. My guess is therefore something in the jotnot header that is causing evernote to get a case of indigestion. Can anyone reproduce this??
  10. I too have a failure to connect to Evernote. I've browsed the board and done the proxy thing, and tried to connect via IE (no good, that connection attempt fails as well.) I'm going to have to see about the certs now, as that looks to be the last thing. Shame, because it looks pretty cool. Can't wait till I get to make it work. EDIT: The helpful folks at the everythingq.com forum suggested the simplest solution: a reboot. That's what did it for me. I'm now connected.
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