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Sync error

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Here is my current problem: the sync button always show warning, and the total notes is wrong, please see the screenshot.

And then there is something wrong I found in log:

06:49:31 [17692] Comms Engine: Initializing Engine [[0],[],"has saved state"]
06:49:31 [17692] Comms Engine: getMessages
06:49:31 [17692] Communication Engine client handler failed to retrieve cached events from local data store
06:49:32 [17692] Comms Engine: placementsAvailable: []
06:49:32 [17692] Comms Engine: processServerResponse []
06:49:32 [17692] Comms Engine: Save state {"expireTime":1487472572187,"supportedTriggerTypes":[],"supportedPlacements":[0],"potentialMessages":[],"preparedPlacements":{},"communicationEngineUpdateId":0}
06:49:32 [17692] Comms Engine: placementsAvailable: []


07:12:02 [10840] Client synchronization finished, status: complete
07:12:02 [10840] * elapsed time: 9s
07:12:02 [10840] * 1 item received
07:12:02 [10840] * 1 item sent
07:12:02 [10840] * 1 note failed to sync
07:12:02 [10840] * Note: "abc", error: "authenticationToken (PERMISSION_DENIED)"

This note "abc" I already deleted before but it still shows in all notebooks with many other old versions of my notes.

I already tried:

Reinstalled Evernote.


Nothing works, please help.


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AFAIK the first batch of errors is not related to the sync issue. 

The second batch indicates that the client no longer has the permission to change the "abc" note. To resolve this, can you try ask the owner of the "Work" Notebook to remove and then share this notebook to your account again? 

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